What Are Zero Drop Running Shoes

What Are Zero Drop Running Shoes

Zero drop running shoes are shoes that have been specially designed to make runners run as if they were barefoot, the way nature initially intended us to run.

The difference between zero drop running shoes and conventional running shoes is that most conventional running shoes typically have a 10-12mm drop, and this drop when running can put a lot of stress on the heel area, and in return this extra stress can cause a serious injury.

With a zero drop running shoe when the foot makes contact with the ground it is the midfoot area that is making the contact, this is the correct way in which the foot lands naturally, and therefore the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

Because of this huge difference, runners whom have been running for a long time with regular trainers need to be very careful when using zero drop shoes for the first time. The reason why is because this can also cause serious injury due to the fact that the new adjustment is new to the runners body, muscles, tendons and the joints need a sufficient time to get used to the new adjustment.

For the reasons above many manufacturers are now developing transitional shoes for runners whom are interested in zero drop, but ones which will gradually get them used to the new footwear, so they can gradually work themselves down to zero drop, and in return the risk of injury will be seriously reduced.