What are the best zero drop running shoes for flat feet?

What are the best zero drop running shoes for flat feet?

Users with flat feet out there often have a bad time choosing the right zero drop shoes for their training and sports activities. This condition is not only annoying but highly negative if we don’t take proper care of it.

While flat feet are basically impossible to fix, there is a lot we can do to improve the condition. One of our most efficient resources is zero drop shoes with the proper design to cushion and adapt flat feet ergonomics.

If you are a worried user, congratulations then; you are being really responsible with your own condition and that is rare these days. You are willing to put the time, effort, and money in order to get the best zero drop shoes for flat feet.

But in this crowded market of ours, finding the right alternative is difficult. There is too much information and we may easily feel overwhelmed after a while. What to do then? Accept some help. In the following lines, we will talk about our favorite zero drop shoes for flat feet and what you need to consider before making any investment.


Zero Drop Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

What we are going to try with these reviews isn’t establish a particular model as the definitive best zero drop shoes for flat feet. Instead, we are going to highlight both pros and cons, giving you the power to decide what’s best for you.

Today, our choices are the Men’s MX00 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe from New Balance, the Provision 2 Running Shoe from Alta Running Men, the Men’s MX730V2 Training Shoe from New Balance, and the Women’s Bare Access Arc 3 Trail Running Shoe from Merrell.


New Balance Men’s MX00 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe Review

New Balance Men's MX00 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe  reviewThe Men’s MX00 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe from New Balance is a top-notch product that offers maximum comfort and ergonomic capabilities to users with flat feet. As zero drop shoes aren’t only attractive but effective, having a thin, well-constructed outsole made of high-quality rubber.

The whole shoe is made of synthetic material and mesh lining is clearly predominant in the design, something that guarantees the proper ventilation and airflow to the interior. This way, the Men’s MX00 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe keeps the feet always fresh and dry, even during the most demanding training sessions.

Just like the other entries in our list, the Men’s MX00 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe have a classic lacing design, leaving behind all those innovativeshoes that are trying to reinvent the wheel. In general terms, this zero drop shoe seems light, sleek, and aerodynamic.

With a 0 mm drop, truly sticking to its pledge, the Men’s MX00 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe offers practical minimalism, not something that may jeopardize the health of your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. You can easily have these for multipurpose training, going from weightlifting to jogging, being perfectly comfortable in every single each activity you choose.


Altra Running Men Provision 2 Running Shoe Review

Altra Running Mens Provision 2 Running Shoe reviewThe Provision 2 Running Shoe from Altra Running Men aren’t zero drop shoes for everyone. While they achieve the highest effectiveness possible for the flat feet with its zero drop design, they may not look modern or attractive, according to our own personal standards, of course.

It seems like Altra was left behind in the past with this model, something we are sorry about. As we mentioned before, the Provision 2 Running Shoe is a well-made product that does its job extraordinarily. There is no doubt about that.

The high-quality construction includes both fabric and synthetic materials that guarantee durability, even if we take these for cross training. The rubber sole feels strong and long-lasting, also delivering the impression ofbeing efficient for absorbing impacts.

There is mesh lining all over, just like in the previous entry, mainly to enhance ventilation to the feet and keep them fresh all the time during training.

What Altra likes to highlight about the Provision 2 Running Shoe is that this product is highly flexible and allows maximum mobility to the user, something that seems as a priority in today’s training sneaker world. Built-in technologies like Innovative StabiliPod and InnerFlex are, according to the brand, responsible for the great stability at all points and maximum flexibility of materials when the feet are moving.

Before leaving the Provision 2 Running Shoe behind, we must mention that Altra offers a 30-day full guarantee, even if you have been using the shoes full time. For most users, this is a solid point in favor, because few brands are willing to extend their service like this.


New Balance Men’s MX730V2 Training Shoe Review

New Balance Men's MX730V2 Training Shoe reviewThe Men’s MX730V2 Training Shoe is another solid product from New Balance we must mention. These zero drop shoes are simply gorgeous and look amazing even in their limited color combinations. We got a truly minimalistic, thin sole design that makes feel the shoe super light and agile.

Made of high-quality textile and synthetic product, the Men’s MX730V2 Training Shoe is mostly composed of mesh lining, from one end to the other. A no-sew application, like New Balance likes to call it, looks good but may not be that durable. We can count on absolute ventilation and airflow during our training, something especially useful.

The Men’s MX730V2 Training Shoe represents one of the purest barefoot-like experience on our list. Nevertheless, this model is quite fit for any activities we would like to perform. From sprinting to Crossfit, we think that this product is outstanding for all flat feet athletes out there.

The customer base supports that the Men’s MX730V2 Training Shoe are extremely comfortable. Also, another thing we found is that most people love the strong grip that the thin, rubber outsole provides.


Merrell Women’s Bare Access Arc 3 Trail Running Shoe Review

Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 3 Trail Running Shoe reviewFor ladies with flat feet and a lot of interest in hitting the gym, the Women’s Bare Access Arc 3 Trail Running Shoe from Merrell are ideal zero drop shoes for cross training. Some may argue that they aren’t pretty as modern Nike or Adidas models, but this option does an outstanding job in the field without envying any other brand.

The well-known Vibram sole from Merrell is present, offering maximum capabilities to the users when it comes to stability, impact absorption, and barefoot-like experience with its zero drop design. The brand also added extra cushioning in key areas of the foot for this model, mainly thinking in long-distance runners.

We find premium synthetic materials along with the M Select Fresh mesh lining and midsole, an element that controls efficiently ventilation and odors, keeping the feet always dry and fresh.

According to most customer reviews, the Women’s Bare Access Arc 3 Trail Running Shoearen’t only really comfortable for people with flat feet but also for those users with severe arthritis and similar conditions, who find really difficult to get proper shoes for their training, even when it’s for light exercise or simply walking.


Buying Guide: What You Need to Consider

Now we have reviewed our favorite options, it’s time to highlight those things we must have in the best zero drop shoes we choose. Most people simply ignore these factors, while others pay a lot of attention to them before making any decision.

What we recommend you is to give them the appropriate attention, because these criteria will define the degree of satisfaction, especially if you have flat feet, which is a quite delicate condition when people leave it to chance.

-          Zero Drop Sole Design: Of course, here is where we should begin. Choosing a zero drop shoe these days seems to be the right option, allowing us to have a barefoot-like experience that is not only comfortable but good for our health and performance in several training disciplines.

-          Materials and Ventilation Capabilities: We need to choose quality materials in order to enjoy durability. Without them, we could possibly lose the shoes shortly after a few weeks of use, something that is simply nonsense. Along with the durability, we have the ventilation, which is key to maintain the feet dry and fresh, free of any odors and infections.

-          Appropriate Design for Flat Feet: Not all zero drop shoes out there are suitable for users with flat feet. That’s why you need to pay extra attention to this. If you don’t, you may find yourself with uncomfortable shoes, impossible to use after a few hours. Remember that when this happens, users with flat feet may experience pain in other areas, likes knees and back.


The Bottom Line

The best zero drop shoes for flat feet are more abundant than you think. You only need to be careful and curious about the different offers available today in the market. With that being said, here is one last recommendation before we go.

If you are a lady, the last entry of our list will be the right way to go. The Women’s Bare Access Arc 3 Trail Running Shoe from Merrell is simply extraordinary and efficient. Men out there will have a more complicated decision to make, this time probably defined by design and appearance.


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