Running Shoes? Zero Drop vs Minimalist

Running Shoes? Zero Drop vs Minimalist

When deciding whether to buy a zero drop or a minimalist running shoe, it is important to factor in a few key details which will help make you make the correct choice.

Firstly it is important to consider where you run and what type of surface you will be running on.

If running on the road then road-specific shoes will tend to have rubber razer-siped soles, these shoes offer very little protection on rough and uneven terrain, however they do offer enhanced slip protection on a road surface for a smoother run, zero drop shoes are excellent for running on smooth surfaces such as the road.

If your going to be running on more aggressive terrain then trail-specific running shoes would be your preferred option. These have more rigidity with an aggressive tread allowing for more traction. This will be needed to protect your feet from abrasions on the tougher terrain, and on this terrain minimalist running shoes is the better option over zero drop.

After deciding what surface you will be running on the decision of what design of shoe is more suited to you, zero drop or minimalist.

Zero drop shoes offer the closest experience you will find to running barefoot. The soles will offer very little protection to hazards you may encounter on the surface in which you are running.

The opposite can be said of minimalist running shoes, these are like a combination of a regular running shoe and barefoot shoes. They will offer you some cushioning and are an excellent way to slowly train yourself into being prepared to start using zero drop running shoes in the future.