Minimalist Shoes for Heavy Runners

Minimalist Shoes for Heavy Runners

Since the first moments of running, before it became the disciplined sport, there were some misconceptions as in any other athletic practice where the beginners want to go ahead quickly and easily.

One of the most popular misconceptions is related of barefoot running, avoiding the use of shoes. So, minimalist shoes for heavy runners are today’s topic. These runners are often incorrectly referred as overweight, but actually, they aren’t the same thing.

The heavy runner distinction is given to those who go beyond the 90-kilograms mark. This doesn’t represent a problem as most athletic people enjoy a high muscle mass, which is heavier than fat.


To Consider Before Buying Minimalist Shoes

The vast majority would recommend you a pair of minimalist shoes for heavy runners that are as soft as possible, believing that the smoother, the better. But that’s not how actually works.

The truth is that an elevated amount of softness while running makes it unstable for heavyweight users, and if the midsole doesn’t support this pressure, the entire body will be forced to work more than the required.

Also, consider how the super-softness type of shoe might impact negatively on its durability. A slimy midsole deteriorates easier and causes a heavy foot load.


Saucony Fastswitch 8 Running Shoes


The eighth version of the Saucony rapid machine, bettered every single time to keep the title of one of the best minimalist shoes for heavy runners in the market. These are fully engineered stability for better heavyweight execution.

Several statements have made clear that it is one of the best investments for a minimalist model, improved all the way up and balanced for both light and heavy runners. New technologies were added to this shoe.

The first one is a strong yet delicate material for the upper zone allowing the feet to breathe and enjoy enhanced support, producing agility and satisfaction during every run. The bottom is now more stable and resistant, featuring overwhelming traction that guarantees just one thing: speed.


FILA Skeletoes Emergence Shoes


Anyone could confuse the brilliant Skeletoes minimalist model from FILA with some Vibram five-finger model, but this four-toe design develops its own identity.

As it was mentioned, the shoe is designed on a simple yet effective system that allows the foot to enter easily, not only helping the ease of use of the same but also attributing in terms of comfort.

No doubt that the upper material is important for the training experience and the Skeletoes’ material is dense and works great in cold weather, maintaining the feet warm and ready to run. In this case, the sole is the most relevant part for these minimalist sneakers and the Skeletoes do not disappoint, with a structural enforcement that increases much its reputation.


Brooks Men’s PureCadence 6 Shoes

brooks purecadence

The Brooks are also often highlighted as the best for heavy runners, featuring a long-rate durability and appealing styleThe PureCadence 6’s minimalistic style is designed especially for heavy athletes, who constantly suffer from body weight overload to the feet, as also called as pronation.

The comfort is distributed between the upper and lower parts, with a characterized highly-soft tongue and an extra-cushion foam midsole for longer runs. It doesn’t need much explanation, only saying that several customers confessed that the PureCadence 6 didn’t cause any negative repercussion on the feet, all the way around.

With all these features plus a protective, breathable fabric, you may be thinking, “these are the best pick from the list?” Maybe they do. The only upside down could be its price.


Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoes

Vibram KSO EVO

The most minimalist a shoe can be – heel-to-toe drop with a 0mm sole – and one of the most impressive ground-feel sensations you are going to experience. A couple of times it has been said that the KSO EVO are the most balanced and versatile of all the Vibram five-finger line-up.

Lighter than a feather but effective as a tank, the KSO EVO has some history behind its design but the important now is how it develops on the speed track.

Starting with a new system for the quickness and comfort of your speedster feet, a new Speed-Lace structure for the easy getting on your feet, this system offers a very wide opening of the shoe to save time. This also demonstrates how easy you could get into the zero-drop trend.

The ground feels like with almost every Vibram minimalist model, which is delightful. The KSO EVO also features an XS TREK technology for the improvement of stability and comfort, also delivering great traction.


Nike Men’s Lunarglide 8 Training Shoes


Nowadays, it is hard to find someone hasn’t experienced the quality delivered by Nike. Its popularity has been growing massively, faster than ever these days. Although the style featured in their shoes, Nike also ensures epic quality and performance.

The Lunarglide also reaches its eighth version and it would be boring if it’s only mentioned how lightweight they are and how they actually manage to administrate the pronation across the sole. So, here you have a simpler explanation.

The biggest change it is probably the one located at the bottom of the shoe, the thing that placed the shoes on the list. Some of the previous Flyknit materials plus the new Flywire technology that achieves effectively the mission of every heavy runner: soft support without a bulk.


The Bottom Line

It wouldn’t be best to tell precise recommendations simply based on your size and brand preferences, but that would be just wrong in every sense. In the end, every single shoe is unique and the delivered experience will depend on your feet’s complex needs.

When shopping only, give it a second thought. While checking the details online and by yourself is paramount, it’s also needed to read some customer reviews, people like you that made the purchasing decision.

If you fit in this category, getting quality minimalist shoes for heavy runners would be a smart choice. Your health comes first and getting the right athletic equipment is required to accomplish such a thing.


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