Long Live Minimalist Shoes, Says Zero Drop

Long Live Minimalist Shoes, Says Zero Drop

Competitor.com’s recent article Is Minimalism Dead? sounds like an advertorial for the emerging running shoes industry. But the sales figure of minimalist shoes is something everyone can believe: 33 percent growth in 2012, which can give all running shoe insiders an optimistic picture on future.

It mentions a few new minimalist shoes worth buying in Spring 2013. And 2 of them are zero drop shoes. Besides sparsely cushioned, low-to-ground with barely-there feel features for minimalism, zero-drop is kind of really innovative technology, which might drive the running shoes industry forward.

Anyway, the utilisation of any running shoes still depend on the runners. So it’s better to have experienced joggers comment on whether zero drop technology can change the landscape of future running.

Here are these two notable shoes with zerodrop enhanced:

Brooks Pure Drift

Brooks PureDrift
$100 / 12mm stack height; 5.6 oz.; 5.1 oz.
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The Pure Project line of Pure Drift comes with a true zero-drop platform, which is called “the feeliest of the feel shoes”.

Mizuno Wave Evo Levitas

Mizuno Wave EVO Levitas
$110 / 15mm stack height; 6.1 oz., 5.1 oz.
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This zero-drop marvel from renowned Mizuno offers superior flexibility to runners’ feet.


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