New Balance Men’s MT00 Minimus Zero Trail Running Shoes

New Balance, the renowned high quality running shoe manufacturer now presents barefoot feel with just enough protection and support in latest zero-drop technology shoes – the Minumus Zero trail series. As an entirely new approach to trail running, Men’s MT00 shoe takes the proven versatile durability of a Vibram® outsole and combines it with a fitted, minimalist upper that’s comfortable with or without socks.

WEIGHT: 124 grams (4.4 oz)

  • 75% Synthetic/25% Mesh
  • Vibram sole
  • VIBRAM® – Outsole designed for lightweight traction and great durability
  • Zero Drop – Zero height difference between heel and forefoot, ideal for the neutral runner who wants to take control of the road.
  • Odor-Resistant – Treated material which prevents odors from breeding, without or without socks.
  • Lightweight Upper – Mesh Upper with synthetic reinforcement provides increased breathability and speed.
  • REVlite Midsole – Minimal midsole, superbly lightweight, provides great flexibility and a featherweight cushion touch to the ground.
  • With only a 0mm drop from heel to toe, Minimus Zero Trail collection holds a world of discovery for neutral runners; additionally, Good Form Running teaches methods of improvement for those seeking to conquer gait issues.
  • Welded seams, a no-sew material application, reduce weight and prevent chafing
    Anti-Microbial treatment
  • Synthetic/Mesh upper

This last features a 0mm heel-to-toe drop and is designed to mimic the natural shape of the foot, providing a more fitted feel that is similar to a comfortable sock.

Minimus Zero Trail – New Balance – US

Through doing gymnastics for many years I notice that when I run I always run using the front of my foot and not so much the heel. I think this is why I am unique to most people in that I run in the way we have been evolved to run, and have never bounced using the back heel much.

So when I heard about the new style of running shoes that was the closest thing to running barefoot I knew I wanted to give these a try, as running is now a favourite part of my exercise routine.

– Gillian

I went for the New Balance MT00 Zero Trail as I really liked the yellow and green color on the shoes, and the design looked very nice.

When first wearing them I noticed how incredibly comfortable they felt, and when out jogging I noticed a real difference to wearing my regular trainers, and even though I run properly anyway, I did find that my foot at times was slightly coming back further, but I guess this was to be expected.

– Sam

I only ran a ¼ of my usual distance as I also read that best to go slowly with them just to get used to the new style, but next day I had no aches or pains at all, and I was ready to go back out for a longer run.

– Jack
College Student

Just be careful and run on smooth surfaces, as one area that I usually run through has quite a few stones on the path, and this was not all that comfortable with these shoes on, because you basically feel everything under your feet, so these are definitely not a wise choice for anyone looking to run on tougher terrain.

Other than that I absolutely love my New Balance running shoes. Glad that I bought these and will now always be running with these on.

– James
Runner, Journalist, Scientist

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